BLEACH Brave Souls 2.1.2 Mod APK Unlimited

BLEACH Brave Souls apk mod

BLEACH Brave Souls 2.1.2 Mod APK Unlimited

BLEACH Brave Souls 2.1.2 Mod APK Unlimited


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BLEACH Brave Souls mod apk is a game of action that brings the characters of the manga Bleach for your Android. In this game, you gotta lead Ichigo Kurosaki in missions as a Soul Reaper.
If you already know the story of this manga, will quickly recognize the characters. Otherwise, it’s time to be introduced to Ichigo, Rukia, Karin, Yuzu and many others!
The story of BLEACH Brave Souls begins when Ichigo meets Rukia and ends up absorbing his powers of Soul Reaper, a kind of grim reaper of souls who protects humans alive. For this reason, he needs to fight the hollows, which are fallen spirits that, to die, failed to cross over to the other side. You need help Ichigo on this mission.
The game has many stories, being divided into moments of action and battle and explanations which serve as backdrop to show what’s going on. At first, the goal is to help Rukia until she retrieves his Soul Reaper powers, but that could take a lot more than it sounds, with many twists and turns along the way.
BLEACH Brave Souls is divided into chapters, which are missions with a piece of history and a part of the action. Gradually, the fights become more and more difficult, and to be able to dribble that you need to evolve your characters, often playing the same level repeatedly to win items and XP.
In this game, you can form teams of up to three fighters, and only one is used at a time. Choose your backup within the Soul Reapers that you collect or even using guests — that are real players that are online at that time. Combine the skills of its fighters with the weaknesses of opponents to maximize the damage.
To kill enemies and complete each mission, use the directional button to move and attack controls to give blows of sword. As you evolve Ichigo and the other characters, they gain new attacks and powers. For extra points, destroy all the boxes and trash cans to find along the way. Download Bleach Brave Souls 2.1 Apk mod right below!



BLEACH Brave Souls 2.1.2 mod apk


BLEACH Brave Souls Mod APK Features


Unlimited Spirit Orbs
Unlimited Coins
Unlimited Health
Full story based on the manga Bleach
Very fun and addicting
Battles with gradual difficulty
Much More
Just Works for Android
Updated Link
No Vírus
No Password
You will need Internet Connection

BLEACH Brave Souls mod

BLEACH Brave Souls mod apk is an addictive game which tells the history of Ichigo Kurosaki and his saga as a Soul Reaper. Despite being a game about a manga, you don’t have to have read that story or even anime fan to enjoy this adventure. It is very interesting for anyone who likes good action pastimes and want to blow my brains out.
The most interesting thing about this game is that it brings a detailed story and very faithful to the manga. If you know the whole trajectory of Ichigo in Bleach, will have fun drawing these steps in an action-packed and gambling with gradual difficulty missions. However, it is worth noting that this app is available in English only and it is necessary to understand the language – otherwise, you will end up lost in the events.
Despite having a lot of action, BLEACH Brave Souls brings several moments in which the characters talk and explain what’s going on, and play this game is like reading an interactive manga, since the story is very detailed. If you are with English, can have a great time with this hobby, not just by the action, but also by the script.
All is not exactly faithful to the manga and the anime, since you can make several choices along the way, which ends up being an advantage of BLEACH Brave Souls: in this game, you create a completely new story and lives in the same world and with the well-known characters from Bleach.
BLEACH Brave Souls have a very intuitive control and adapted to the screen of the phone, and you just need to slide your finger to move the character. The response curves could be better, but the attacks are snapshots, and directional control problems are not enough to impair its performance.
At first, the game is very easy and doesn’t take much effort to move from stage, but the difficulty gradually increases, and you need to start making tough choices. BLEACH Brave Souls is more focused on the preparation of your team than on the skills with the controls — so much so that he brings an option auto attack.
What matters in BLEACH Brave Souls is that you choose your allies and leave nothing behind: destroy the recycle bins and boxes to take life, XP and important items. The evolution of this game is natural, and the dialogues and explanations before and after each confrontation help to give the climate for the attacks.
Even with these problems, BLEACH Brave Souls definitely worth it. It tells a story full of details, nuances and twists and is much more than a game completely focused on action. Of course, as expected, the battles are pretty interesting, but the dialogues and screenplay are a very special plus point of this gambling.
If you’re a fan of Bleach, this little game is practically mandatory. Even for those who never heard of or don’t read this manga, BLEACH Brave Souls apk mod is a gambling that impresses and promises hours of fun and many clashes against the more different types of monsters and fallen souls.


BLEACH Brave Souls 2.1.2


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Estimate download time: 10sec-5min


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