Bubble Jungle Pro 1.2.9 APK Download Free

Bubble Jungle Pro download apk

Bubble Jungle Pro 1.2.9 APK Download Free

Bubble Jungle Pro 1.2.9 APK Download Free

LAST UPDATE: 15.08.2017


In Bubble Jungle Pro Apk download, you need to explore various worlds full of surprises and dangers. In this game of action, you control a character that can skip and shoot bubbles by mouth. These bubbles secure the enemies and release the food of wooden boxes, then be quick to get pick up everything that the phase has to offer and reach the final goal: a bathroom hidden in the scenario. To control the character, you can use any point on the left side of the screen to cycling and move on the scenario. On the right side there are two buttons, one for skip and climb in other sectors of the scenario and another to throw the soap bubbles and attach the enemies and items that you need to capture. Follow the arrows and find all the items in the phase to find the bath at the end of the scenario and help the chameleon this little game to move on to the next world. Caution with the edges, since you die if fall into crevices! Aim, shoot enemies in the bubbles and get points to continue. Download Bubble Jungle Pro apk below!


Bubble Jungle Pro apk

Bubble Jungle Pro APK Features

Easy game to play
Visual inspection of the phases very well done
Good graphics, animations and soundtrack
Many worlds to explore
Just Works for Android
 Updated Link
 No Vírus
No Password
 You will need Internet Connection

Bubble Jungle Pro apk download

Jungle bubble Pro apk download is a very nice game and that has three-dimensional scenarios well interesting, but who suffers from two problems: the controls of this gambling are not very good and he has confused goals, being a game that can take up to show what needs to be done. The three-dimensional scenarios Bubble Jungle Pro impressed enough, especially for the freedom the player has to walk through all the corners, decks and bridges so loose. He doesn’t have a right order in which you have to pass, so this can be confusing at first for those who like stages with a beginning, middle and end in a linear way. The most impressive in the visual of Bubble Jungle Pro is that it brings various styles of different scenarios and not only stages with the same elements, but different paths. That is, you can see a pretty big visual quirk in such sense. The same is not true, however, with the menus, which are caught, slow and with a generic and confusing. Jungle bubble Pro is a game that had everything to be good, since he has a world to be explored, but the bugs end up being larger. The directional pad is very frustrating and can end up making you die several times before you get the hang of it. The other buttons work fine, but that’s not enough to make this game a lot better. The game Bubble Jungle Pro apk is not exactly bad, just is confusing and has many points that could be better, but it’s worth downloading it primarily by visual and worlds to explore.

Jungle Bubble Pro Download apk

File Name : Jungle Bubble Pro.apk
File Size : low
Estimate download time: 10sec-5min


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