Cartoon Wars 3 1.0.7 Mod APK Unlimited

Cartoon Wars 3 apk mod

Cartoon Wars 3 1.0.7 Mod APK Unlimited

Cartoon Wars 3 1.0.7 Mod APK Unlimited

LAST UPDATE: 22.08.2017

It is time to take their place as the emperor of the drawings and participate of mad and exciting battles as that you have seen! In Cartoon Wars 3 mod apk, you must manage a small village and improve its army while participates in various missions and adventures with its small soldiers. To do this, you can evolve their fighters, equip them with better equipment and unlock powerful units to face increasingly difficult opponents. In the middle of the path, you improve your defense towers to shoot enemies in the area and not let them go ahead by its territory. In addition to the normal missions, it is possible to participate of battles in time, siege in castles powerful and adventures against foes spoilers. Are you ready to conquer the world in this fun and addictive game? Download Cartoon Wars 3 1.0.7 apk mod below!


Cartoon Wars 3 1.0.7 Mod APK

Cartoon Wars 3 Mod APK Features

Unlimited Crystals
Unlimited Gold
Lively Soundtrack
Simple controls
Just Works for Android
Updated Link
No Vírus
No Password
You will need Internet Connection

Cartoon Wars 3 1.0.7 mod

Above you gave a complete description on the Cartoon Wars 3 mod apk and its features, learn what we think of him now. Prepared to command an army different? Because in Cartoon Wars 3 you take control of an empire of drawings and must follow by several battles to dominate the world. The game allows you to create your own squads, attending fighting during missions and other adventures. For those players who like variety and challenge in gambling, the game offers up to four different modes, embarking on difficult days against powerful enemies and castles. The customization is also present and is a differential for the lovers of the strategy, allowing you to evolve and combine letters to produce new units. However, it is necessary to think with calm to know what are the best soldiers to attack enemies, because each warrior account with their own advantages and disadvantages. Who likes to battles tactics and full of action also finds in Cartoon Wars a differential interesting. The controls are simple: you just touching the unit to launch a soldier on the battlefield. He attacked automatically enemies, simply by you to control the defense tower with the other buttons on the screen. Although the first seconds with the barrel were confused, it is possible to get the hang in little time. The player visualizes the battlefield by sliding your finger on the screen by checking with ease which soldiers the enemy base is commanding in its direction. Choose the best units will be the differential to victory. Despite this, the game has a pleasant difficulty curve, allowing the player to pass through easy battles and adapt to the game before seeing the real challenges. The visual style of cartoon Wars 3 is also one of the points that conquers the players. Although use many drawings and simple dolls, the visual effects and the details by scenarios are complete and enrich the experience. During battles, for example, it is possible to observe the smoke coming out of a tower destroyed and the background of the map with mountains and castles, showing the care that the game has to create a detailed environment for the player. The soundtrack complements the gambling with upbeat songs and themes for not taking the relaxd attention of the battles. The sound effects are inspired by classic animated cartoons, clearly showing the inspiration in style “cartoon”. In spite of everything, the game only supports English. Anyone who does not have the field of language can be lost among the several tips and tutorials, harming the understanding of all the tools of the game. This does not diminish the fun that Cartoon Wars 3 apk mod offers to the public. Exciting battles and strategic blending in a simple visual and funny, this is a game that is sure to laugh all types of players.

Cartoon Wars 3 1.0.7

File Name : Cartoon Wars 3 1.0.7.apk
File Size : low
Estimate download time: 10sec-5min



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