Dead Zone Zombie Crisis 1.0.8 Mod APK Unlimited

Dead Zone Zombie Crisis apk mod

Dead Zone Zombie Crisis 1.0.8 Mod APK Unlimited

Dead Zone Zombie Crisis 1.0.8 Mod APK Unlimited

LAST UPDATE: 15.08.2017




Dead Zone Zombie Crisis mod apk is a management game in which you must find a way to survive the zombie apocalypse. A deadly virus has been found by scientists in meteorites that fell to Earth, and, in a few days, an epidemic of vision emerged. The Government bombed the area contaminated, and the protagonist is stuck in that area.
His mission now is to help you and strengthen your operations, an old factory that resisted the bombings and now serves as a shelter for him and some teammates. We need to cultivate the land, mine iron, building essential things, and so on.
A guide explains what you need to do at the beginning of the match, and basically you need to follow the instructions and achieve the goals of the “Mission”. At the bottom of the screen of your smartphone, you find all menus related to the control of the game and, to build something, just tap in the free spaces of the scenario and look at the options available for that batch.
You can still make alliances with other players and do expeditions out of your protected area to collect supplies. From time to time, the game still runs hours of zombies to attack your base. So build all defenses that are at your fingertips before it’s too late. Download Dead Zone Zombie Crisis 1.0 APK mod right below!


Dead Zone Zombie Crisis 1.0.8 mod apk



Dead Zone Zombie Crisis Mod APK Features



Unlimited Diamonds
Unlimited Stamina
Ativate VIP 10
Easy to play
Many options of interaction
Very detailed scenarios
Much More
Just Works for Android
Updated Link
No Vírus
No Password
You will need Internet Connection

Dead Zone Zombie Crisis mod


Dead Zone Zombie Crisis mod apk is a management game in which you must help a group of survivors to resist the zombie apocalypse. The fighters were trapped in the infected area and, when the Government decided to bomb the place, their chances of survival were limited. After fleeing to a seemingly safe area, you will need to work together to achieve features and face the dangers.
The game has a style very similar to any other city management title, being necessary to cultivate the land, build things and get more and more features. This is necessary so that the protagonist and his group can build defenses at its base in order to withstand the attacks of zombie hordes. That is, there is no news here, but the topic is still appealing to many players.
Regarding the graphical issue, the game has a visual go-between. The scenarios are detailed, with constructed elements with a certain realism, and there are many opportunities to interact with virtually everything in the game. However, there are effects of good quality, high resolution images and also more moving to leave the title less monotonous.
Dead Zone Zombie Crisis apk mod still has a soundtrack consisting of several songs that play in different situations. They are not enough to annoy, but neither are exciting or important part of the plot. Which is a shame for a game of this style.
In short, if you’re into management titles with a touch of Tower Defense, worth checking out this game. If your intent was already know something new or find some quick action, it is best to continue checking other options.


Dead Zone Zombie Crisis 1.0.8


File Name : Dead Zone Zombie Crisis 1.0.8.apk
File Size : low
Estimate download time: 10sec-5min


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