DuckTales Remastered APK Download Free

DuckTales Remastered apk download

DuckTales Remastered APK Download Free

DuckTales Remastered APK Download Free

LAST UPDATE: 15.08.2017

DuckTales Remastered apk download is an excellent opportunity to give a reinterpretation correctly a remastered title that is considered by many as one of the best games of platforms already launched for the late “Nintendinho” (NES) in 1989. The game puts you in control of Uncle Scrooge that, traversing scenarios are not linear, must face various opponents and also puzzles ahead. The nephews protagonist, Huguinho, Zezinho and Luisinho, also appear on the weft along with other classic characters from the series. The control scheme, fully adapted to tablets and smartphones, only uses virtual buttons well positioned. The left side, four arrows are the role of a D-pad and the right, two buttons provide access to the command of pulo and action. As in the original game, Uncle Scrooge account with only three hearts (displayed in the top left corner of the display), which means that you need to be very careful in the hour of the dangers. Rough diamonds, safes and other objects of compelling value also arise along the contract to fatten up the score. DuckTales Remastered apk link below!

DuckTales Remastered apk

DuckTales Remastered APK Features

Excellent gameplay
Well remastered graphics and sounds
Controls well adapted
Just Works for Android
 Updated Link
 No Vírus
No Password
 You will need Internet Connection

DuckTales Remastered download apk
DuckTales Remastered apk is a remake of the full game DuckTales that was originally released for the “Nitendo” in 1989. The title, considered one of the best of NES, has unique characteristics that still today have the potential to spare for Marvel fans of adventure games and platform. The gameplay remains as fluidly as in the original game. The Uncle Scrooge performs consistent jumps, avoiding the traditional frustrations on account of commands that do not respond as they should. In addition, the virtual buttons, well accommodated at the ends of the screen, do not disturb on viewing the action. The adventure presents many elements which constitute a good game in the classic platform, such as hidden passages, special items and bosses – including, as a bonus, the good humor traditional Disney animated series. The non-linearity of the adventure is an element that already at the end of the decade of 80 amounted to many points to app because it lets you boarding, without any restriction, in any of the 5 available worlds. No matter the order in which you close the phases, when finished, you will arrive to the treasury stolen and all worlds have difficulty consistent. DuckTales Remastered apk download significantly improves the graphics of the original game. But the merit of the developer is not alone in this. In truth, the app also won several additional animations that give more life to entreatos of history. In addition, each scenario presents dynamic funds full of mobile elements with a beautiful three-dimensional feel. The good result is the fruit of brushstrokes to hand made by artists of the Disney Studios – so that nothing came from the “outside”, since it is only of professionals veterans. The option to take “real” traits for inside the game is, without doubt, one of the reasons for the beautiful effects of light and shadows present in Remastered.

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