FINAL FANTASY IX 1.0.2 APK Download Free


FINAL FANTASY IX 1.0.2 APK Download Free

FINAL FANTASY IX 1.0.2 APK Download Free

LAST UPDATE: 15.08.2017


Pending more to the style of the early games in the series, Final Fantasy IX Apk download is a real tribute to the classic RPG, full of magic and secrets in a fantastic medieval world, dominated by evil forces in which a group of unusual heroes must do everything to restore order and peace.
The Square-Enix has adapted many of their classic games from the PlayStation 1 for Android and iOS, and today is the turn of Final Fantasy IX coming to your mobile devices, bringing all the nostalgia for one of the most memorable games of that famous RPG series.
Launched in 2000, the title brought colorful characters, like the rogue Zidane the magician Lived and Princess Garnet Til.
Of course, the title commands have been modified to respond to the touch, and some minor changes in the menus can be noted. To move, simply slide your finger on the screen for an analog button is displayed to guide you. If you wish, it is also allowed to play at any point in the scenario, since the character in question will walk until it automatically-it’s up to you to choose the best method of control.
The battles follow the ATB style (Active Time Battle), simultaneously in real time and shifts. In them, you have to choose the abilities of the heroes as the seconds tick by, according to the order of each one of them – so if you get distracted and do not select the commands quickly, enemies will destroy. To make this process easier, you can trigger an automatic mode.
The application also brings news that are present only in the mobile version, as the auto-save feature (on the PS1, players had to look for crystals to save the progress, something that, at times, was somewhat problematic).
To complement all the animation scenes present in Final Fantasy IX Download APK were added in high definition, and the 3D models of the characters are also in top quality, with better animations and more vibrant colors than we see in the original title — including, it is possible to notice this quality difference in contrast with the scenarios, which remained untouched (and often , faded).



FINAL FANTASY IX 1.0.2 Apk download


Animations in high definition
Slightly improved graphics
A classic revived series title
Controls adapted to mobile efficiently
Just Works for Android
 Updated Link
 No Vírus
No Password
 You will need Internet Connection

FINAL FANTASY IX apk download

Final Fantasy IX apk download brought many charismatic characters that later became iconic in his own Final Fantasy series (we’re talking about you, I lived!), at the junket, in 2000. So it is always good to remind games that have a given period, and the ninth chapter of the franchise can be defined as such-although his younger brothers, like FF VII and FF VIII, has obtained greater popularity.
As is to be expected, Final Fantasy IX commands were properly adapted for mobile devices, bringing two mobility options for the exploitation of the scenarios, which is quite interesting. It’s not complicated driving Zidane by environments, and all the movements occur so very natural and efficient.
A very positive is the fact the game animation clips have been added in high quality, which makes a lot of difference (the images are much more clear and sharp). However, the point that truly deserves to be highlighted is the remodeling of the main characters, which also acquired greater quality, color and sharpness – much more improved versions than the ones found on the PlayStation 1.
On the side of the negative aspects, we need to mention a few items. First, the application is extremely expensive, costing nearly 70 R$, and must fend off many players-probably only the most nostalgic gamers accept pay that much money. In addition, the game is in English, despite having subtitles in German, Italian and Spanish. Who expected for translation into Portuguese after all these years will have to comply.
Finally, the app is not compatible with some devices such as the HTC One and the ZenFone 2. Many users have left clear the incompatibility with the 2 ZenFone, something that should be fixed in future versions. In short, we’re talking about a Final Fantasy, and one of the best of the series. It’s always good to recall significant games, and is more interesting when they bring enhanced features. If you accept pay R$ 66.85, you won’t be dissatisfied. Download Final Fantasy IX apk below!


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