MARVEL Avengers Academy 1.0.12 Mod APK Unlimited

MARVEL Avengers Academy apk mod

MARVEL Avengers Academy 1.0.12 Mod APK Unlimited

MARVEL Avengers Academy Mod APK Unlimited

LAST UPDATE: 22.08.2017


Developed by Marvel in partnership with developer TinyCo, MARVEL Avengers Academy mod apk is a game that puts the famous Heroes of “the Avengers” in a less violent universe in which all the characters are teenagers studying in a superhero Academy.
At the beginning, you help the billionaire Tony Stark to solve some small quests along with the WaSP. The first few minutes of game serve as tutorial and guide explains in detail how they should be carried out missions to obtain rewards. You also learn to build structures in the Academy and perform tasks to earn money.
All commands are organized into the ends of the display, but you can interact quickly with any character touching him. Whenever an action/task is available, an icon with an exclamation mark appears in the target.
MARVEL Avengers Academy 1.0 apk mod brings not only clashes against the minions of the villain Hydra, but also everyday problems of University students, who can organize parties, vote for class President and leave the campus increasingly fun and interactive as other heroes are unlocked.


MARVEL Avengers Academy 1.0 Mod APK

Marvel Avengers Academy Mod APK Features

Unlimited Coins
Unlimited Money
Unlimited Levels
Easy to Play
Many heroes
Good Graphics and Sound
Much More
Just Works for Android
Updated Link
No Vírus
No Password
You will need Internet Connection

Marvel Avengers Academy mod

Who is a fan of the movie “the Avengers” cannot help but check out the newest game in the franchise: MARVEL Avengers Academy mod apk. The title brings a redesigned universe in which all the heroes are teenagers studying in a special Academy for superheroes.
Although the theme of the game doesn’t have much of a relationship with what is seen in the movies, the proposal is fun and should draw the attention of people who like the iconic characters and which are also used with titles of city management. All gambling is centered on the campus of the University, which can be expanded and improved to unlock more and more possibilities.
Gambling is quite intuitive, mainly because the tutorial is complete and everything is in Portuguese. Still, the gameplay never brings complications, since the interface icons are self-explanatory and the items and characters with whom you can interact are marked with an exclamation point.
Evolution is relatively fast at the beginning, but it won’t take long for that lack of coins and diamonds get in the way of progress. As with all app Freemium, who is not willing to spend real money will have to deal with tedious wait times and salted prices to release news and upgrades.
About MARVEL Avengers Academy graphics does not disappoint. The modeling in 3D are all the rage, the animations are realistic and all textures have great definition. The cartoon style that permeates the elements is stylish and the heroes have fun movements even in the most mundane tasks.
The sound, in turn, received special treatment on the part of the developer. The melodies are long, vary according to the situation and make direct reference to the characters. Still, the effects are pretty cool and the voices of the heroes are very well dubbed and include dozens of jokes. Download Marvel Avengers Academy apk mod below!

MARVEL Avengers Academy 1.0

File Name : MARVEL Avengers Academy 1.0.12.apk
File Size : low
Estimate download time: 10sec-5min



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