Moy Zoo 2 1.3 Mod APK Unlimited

Moy Zoo 2 apk mod

Moy Zoo 2 1.3 Mod APK Unlimited

Moy Zoo 2 1.3 Mod APK Unlimited

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Moy Zoo 2 mod apk is a fun game of simulation and construction in which you need to create a large Zoo, joining several species of animals and decorating the surrounded by each of them.
There are more than 30 species, collected in sweepstakes and games involving luck and skill. The more animals, more money visitors leave, being possible to purchase further items to the Zoo.
You need to keep an eye on power levels and sleep of the animals of each enclosure; This is indicated at the bottom, in a green circle and the other blue. Click on those balls to make those little to eat or sleep in. If they get too hungry or too tired, can end up dying.
To get new animals, you must pay an amount of coins for your chance to win pets or decorations. You don’t always have luck in those roulette wheels, racing and other puzzles, then you need to add more money to try again.
New areas are unlocked in your Zoo in Moy Zoo 2 according to the number of animals you have. That way, you can get animals that live on the ice, farm animals and even lions and other species of the Savannah. If some of them escape, you need to find it fast to earn a reward. Download Moy Zoo 2 Apk mod below!


Moy Zoo 2 1.3 mod apk



Moy Zoo 2 Mod APK Features

Unlimited Coins
Visual very well done
Good for players of all ages
Easy to learn to play
Good Graphics
Much More
Just Works for Android
Updated Link
No Vírus
No Password
You will need Internet Connection

Moy Zoo 2 mod


Moy Zoo 2 mod apk is a fun game in which you need to assemble a complete Zoo, with over 30 species and many decorative items. It is very simple and can serve as a great casual entertainment to pass the time, not being a game that requires a lot of the players — that is, it is suitable for people of any age.
There aren’t many explanations and tutorials on Moy Zoo 2, but it is quite simple to understand and anyone can learn to move on its interface. What draws the most attention is that he brings a lot of screens and different scenarios, being a gambling pretty and full of options. You hardly ever get bored with this hobby, as there’s always something to be done.
He brings simple options for the care of pets and it would be interesting if you had, for example, as pet or give special treats for the animals. There’s no such thing, and you can just put them to sleep and to eat. Still, it’s pretty interesting decorating the surrounded with new items that are earned in games of roulette and lucky.
There is no secret in Moy Zoo 2: this is a game for players of all ages and that brings an increasingly complex construction; You can get to have dozens of scenes with animals! With that, the difficulty of feeding and taking care of all increases and you can see having to run to be able to do everything as best as possible. Moy Zoo 2 Apk mod right below!


Moy Zoo 2 1.3


File Name : Moy Zoo 2 1.3.apk
File Size : low
Estimate download time: 10sec-5min






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