Police Prisoners Transport Van 1.0 Mod APK Unlimited

Police Prisoners Transport Van APK Mod

Police Prisoners Transport Van 1.0 Mod APK Unlimited

Police Prisoners Transport Van 1.0 Mod APK Unlimited


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Police Prisoners Transport Van mod apk is a mobile game that puts you in the shoes of a law enforcement officer responsible for transporting criminals. To fulfill their task to perfection, are required great skill on the wheel and cold blood to overcome any danger along the way.
With crime and violence becoming more and more intense in the city of San Andreas, the peace and justice of the site are seriously compromised. As an officer, you have to make sure that the suspects are taken into the security station to the Court and that the path opposite is done without problems – or unwanted surprises.
In addition to having to put the miscreants in your car, you must fly the police van with care to avoid accidents or leaks. To help in this mission essential to rid the street of the bad guys, the player account with virtual directional and a series of buttons to the right of the screen of the phone, with functions like accelerate, brake, reverse gear and handbrake.
It is worth noting that, over the course of seven distinct phases, you have to do all the way quickly, before the timer reaches zero and need to restart the match. Police Prisoners Transport Van offers a difficulty about as its progression, including barriers on the streets and closing the road to try to retrieve his cronies. Download Police Prisoners Transport Van 1.0 APK mod below!


Police Prisoners Transport Van 1.0 mod apk


Police Prisoners Transport Van Mod APK Features

No ads
All levels Unlocked
Interesting ideas
Repetitive gambling
Visual weak
There’s no soundtrack
Much More
Just Works for Android
Updated Link
No Vírus
No Password
You will need Internet Connection

Police Prisoners Transport Van mod
While games like Grand Theft Auto franchise allow you to be the bad guy and ready 1000 confusion, Police Prisoners Transport Van mod apk is a mobile game that focuses on the correct side of the law. As a COP, his mission is to ferry the bandits in security, so they can be tried in court and brought back to the station.
Hey, this looks like a promising history and full of potential for an adventure filled with gunfire, beatings and adrenaline? Well, maybe it’s best not to cheer too. Although the background is interesting, the title was riding so simplified and primary that ends up playing much of the fun directly in jail-without trial.
To start, the look of the game-all in 3D – leaves much to be desired, with badly designed models, Dim lighting and textures off without any kind of detail. The impression is that all the maps are equal and just put in different locations your points of departure and arrival to prevent you decorate a single path in gambling.
The controls, although basic and easy to understand, don’t respond very well and sometimes ignore any interaction with the screen. Be in the corners or in a straight line, the van police officer seems to slip by without giving a clue to the player. Additionally, the soundtrack is available, while the sounds and noises have a low quality recording.
Even with all these negative aspects, Police Prisoners Transport Van could save himself with intelligent design phases or immersive missions. Unfortunately, this is not the case. During the seven levels offered, the game varies little-almost anything, even-your task in charge of transportation of criminals and not fit as a reasonable pastime.
Some of the stages have asked that you control your own punk and walk to the car, something that doesn’t make any sense, since if he tries to escape from the scene the game is restarted. Other maps, in turn, require the player to make the round-trip path, causing the session to be expanded artificially to last a minute instead of only 30 seconds.
Police Prisoners Transport Van still trying to innovate by including some stands in the streets or add rent other bandits at specific points of the city, so you have to deviate from the original route, but that just makes the whole gambling even more annoying.
So, if the player wants to experience what is a San Andreas of truth, the best option is still to release some cash for Rockstar to get your copy of mobile Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas-even if it is necessary to abandon the uniform and make some pretend virtual crimes. Police Prisoners Transport Van apk mod right below!


Police Prisoners Transport Van 1.0


File Name : Police Prisoners Transport Van 1.0.apk
File Size : low
Estimate download time: 10sec-5min


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