Siegefall 1.5 Mod APK Unlimited

Siegefall apk mod

Siegefall 1.5 Mod APK Unlimited

Siegefall 1.5 Mod APK Unlimited

LAST UPDATE: 15.08.2017




Siegefall mod apk is a game of strategy and combat that mixes medieval fantasy with heroes mind-blowing. As usual in works of the genre, you must build a Citadel and handle various economic aspects to give life to the armies.
On the battlefield, the hero is one of the most fundamental parts. You can control the movements of all the Warriors simply by sliding the finger up to the desired targets. After the first attack is executed, the soldiers make decisions for themselves and attack the nearest enemy.
The icons present in the base of the screen represent the special skills. They can help you throw some fireballs on top of opponents and even call a mighty Dragon that can sweep alone an entire city.
At the base, it is possible to build barracks, walls and all kinds of defensive structure and productive. Farms, powersaw benchs and other economic buildings are also of paramount importance and can be found in the category “Economy”. The first time you access Siegefall, an interactive tutorial teaches each of the commands of the game and also helps you to destroy some enemy strongholds. The Guide also helps you in the construction of some vital buildings on fortification.
In the latest update, Siegefall received a novelty that will please the most competitive players: Vanguard. In the new mode, you can play real-time online matches against players from all over the world. To participate, create a Kingdom and then, select at least 10 new defensive cards.
Another novelty is the vault structure able to protect fully the resources stored in it from the invaders. The new item has 10 levels of evolution and can be unlocked at level 2 of VIP. 8 VIP level users also gain another novelty: a new look for the Queen. Download Siegefall 1.5 APK mod below!


Siegefall 1.5 mod apk


Siegefall Mod APK Features

Unlimited Gems
Unlimited Gold
Unlimited Food/Wood
Good gameplay
Simple economics
Focus on battles with heroes
Much More
Just Works for Android
Updated Link
No Vírus
No Password
You will need Internet Connection


Siegefall mod


Siegefall mod apk is a perfect game for gamers who like to manage medieval towns, but I would also like to participate in battles more violent. With supernatural heroes able to detonate dozens of soldiers at the same time, the app from Gameloft demonstrates that the genre still has plenty to offer.
The mechanics, in a first moment, remember the pattern seen in titles like Clash of Clans. However, the battles with the hero gives new meaning to the war, which now is much more violent. As the supernatural character is incredibly strong and has magical abilities, their efficient use is of vital importance to achieve victory.
In the early stages, that serve as tutorial, opponents have no heroes and everything is fairly easy. However, not long before you have to face other supernatural creatures of great power, significantly increasing the level of difficulty.
Although the clashes do not delay too long in Siegefall, the lack of control on the troops get some points in the game. You can always give the first order of attack or move, but, after that, the Warriors take their own decisions and cannot be more controlled.
The Siegefall economy is based only on two simple features: gold and wood. The initial amount of “Gems” is also satisfactory, thus ensuring that, at least at first, the waiting times are not a hindrance. Nevertheless, it’s not just war that the city maintains and, eventually, microtransactions may be necessary.
The visual is well polished and in General will not disappoint those accustomed with games in the same category. The modeling in 3D are all the rage, the animations are fluid, the effects of attacks and skills are exaggerated and the whole set has good definition.
The soundtrack combines medieval-themed and consolidates a pleasant climate to play from headphones. The effects, in turn, are a little exaggerated, but represent of congruent way the bloody battles. Siegefall APK MOD link below!


Siegefall 1.5

File Name : Siegefall 1.5.apk
File Size : low
Estimate download time: 10sec-5min




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