Superstar Girl Fashion Awards 1.0.2 Mod APK Unlimited

Superstar Girl Fashion Awards apk mod

Superstar Girl Fashion Awards 1.0.2 Mod APK Unlimited

Superstar Girl Fashion Awards 1.0.2 Mod APK Unlimited 

LAST UPDATE: 15.08.2017




Could it be that you’re ready to spend a day of sheer beauty with Superstar Girl Fashion Awards mod apk?
The fashion world is about to receive its main award year, and you must help the Superstar Girl to become the big star of this show. Create unique hairstyles, use makeup to make her face flawless and combine the most beautiful clothes to convince everyone that you must receive all prizes.
And, in the middle of this walk towards to the red carpet, you should also go through the shoot, receive gifts for fans and escape the paparazzi in various fun mini-games. Download Superstar Girl Fashion Awards 1.0 APK mod right below!


Superstar Girl Fashion Awards 1.0 mod apk


Superstar Girl Fashion Awards Mod APK Features


No Ads
Unlock All
Unlimited Coins
Level Unlocked
Varied soundtrack
Several mini-games
Much More
Just Works for Android
Updated Link
No Vírus
No Password
You will need Internet Connection

Superstar Girl Fashion Awards mod
Superstar Girl Fashion Awards mod apk follows a proposal very attractive to the female audience. Do the makeup and choose the clothing of a girl for her to participate in several mini-games that involve your fame. Despite the idea good, the execution was surrounded by some issues that bothered a gambling fun.
In our tests in the Galaxy, the game had some S5 errors they closed the app situational. In addition, the visual was slow in several mini-games and the movement of objects on the screen was compromised, showing a programming failure and damaging experience.
Despite this, the game features a varied choice of music to settle in the player. The soundtrack is playful and cheerful, relaxed-themed matching game.
The problems in the visual part doesn’t have hidden the colorful graphics and detailed. Example of this is in the clothing of the protagonist, with hundreds of different options of clothing, dresses, shoes and accessories to choose from.
The controls are too simple. Through the touch screen, the player can select and drag the elements on the screen. This is especially easy for the mini-games, you need a faster reaction to get success on stage.
Speaking in this regard, there are several options to play games for fun. Collect the flowers from fans or escape the paparazzi are just some of the options available. On the other side, many stages are unlocked in time, who would like to have access to all the options already in the first few minutes of gambling.
Despite these negatives, Superstar Girl Fashion Awards apk mod is an interesting option for all the fans who like to explore the beauty and visual production even within the games. Just hope you don’t have the same performance issues that we had.


Superstar Girl Fashion Awards 1.0

File Name : Superstar Girl Fashion Awards 1.0.apk
File Size : low
Estimate download time: 10sec-5min


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