Sword Storm 1.0.6 Mod APK Unlimited

Sword Storm apk mod

Sword Storm 1.0.6 Mod APK Unlimited

Sword Storm 1.0.6 Mod APK Unlimited


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Sword Storm mod apk is a free MMORPG in which you embodies a character that should help your nation at any cost. You can choose between three classes to play (Warrior, Hunter and sorcerer), that defines his style of fighting. Each offers expertise to make a stronger ability in order to defeat the enemy Nations and a legion of demons.
To play Sword Storm you need to create an account on the site of the game, click here to access it. Once installed, your antivirus will give an alarm when the game is executed. Don’t worry, it happens because the security system against intrusions is interpreted as a virus (something he is far from). Just ignore the message and have fun!
In this critical situation, along comes a powerful hero. Before long he manages to overcome the enemy army and make it retreat to the mountains of the South. However, the elders suspected of hero and decided to banish him to the Valley East of China.
During the confusion of the first major battle, a new race of humans has been discovered inhabiting the desert to the West of China. There was a rumor about her Phoenix’s blood running through your veins, but their origins were uncertain. Thanks to the hostile environment in which they grew, the survival skills and fighting techniques of this people would give rise to great heroes in the future.
Finally, with the end of the war, the people of the Earth Stable created fortifications to guard the opponents. Wanting to continue the plans for world domination, the people of Flaming Sky built a great city to show their determination.
The exiled hero set up his own army and vowed revenge against the land Stable, due to the injustice they suffered. Finally, the peaceful desert humans decided to erect a big city not to be subject to attacks of other races. Anyway, this is the scenario in which the game begins: you decide which breed is owned and determines the end of the race for supremacy in ancient China.
At the beginning, your character does not have practically any equipment to meet the challenges that await to have reached adulthood. The first missions serve to you prove your worth and win permission to leave the village in search of new adventures. So, don’t expect nothing but killing x monsters and deliver soups to reach level 10.
After that, it is necessary to define which specialization following attacks, because without spending skill points, your character will not have much chance of survival in this world full of demons. However, to turn on Sword, the main Storm is knowing how to walk by the map. Download Sword Storm 1.0.6 APK MOD right below!


Sword Storm 1.0.6 mod apk


Sword Storm Mod APK Features


Unlimited Gold
Unlimited Gems
Unlimited Stamina
Simple gameplay
Reasonable graphics
Good soundtrack
Much More
Just Works for Android
Updated Link
No Vírus
No Password
You will need Internet Connection

Sword Storm mod

The graphics of Sword Storm mod apk does not require a lot of computer and allow multiple gamers can test this game. However, it is also a negative point, after all, quality is one of the most important factors in choosing a MMORPG to play. She, however, is not limited to the graphics, gameplay, soundtrack, also the history behind the characters and the game’s development.
The Storm History Online is quite interesting, but she is not displayed to the beginner player who ignored the developer’s website before downloading the game. That is, to start a new character, the tendency of the gamer is getting lost and not knowing the reason he fights – until it complete some missions and understand more or less the story.
Furthermore, another problem with the story is in the missions of the game. Although they make sense with the initial context, do not pass extermination task – giving the impression that the whole game is a hack ‘n’ slash, in which you must kill a jumble of monsters and nothing else.
The entire Sword Storm gameplay is based on mouse commands and keyboard shortcuts. The character is somewhat locked, however this is offset by the possibility of moving automatically by selecting a region of the map. The battles, in turn, are very simple: click to start attacking, use shortcuts to activate skills and make potions-there is no need to run around the Monster or join several to kill them in a coup.
The skill system allows customization of the character because you choose which learn and when. The soundtrack is very good and is based on songs with Oriental instruments, something befitting the scenery and history of the game. However, most of the sound effects is disappointing the lack of originality: they were simply copied from World of Warcraft.
Sword Storm apk mod can be fun when played in groups, but is suitable for anyone who owns that computer can’t handle run games with better graphics and gameplay. In other words, he has what it takes to please fans of the MMORPG genre, but can’t overcome the monsters that dominate this market today.



Sword Storm 1.0.6


File Name : Sword Storm 1.0.6.apk
File Size : low
Estimate download time: 10sec-5min



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