Tiny Guardians 1.1.2 APK Download Free Cracked

Tiny Guardians apk download

Tiny Guardians 1.1.2 APK Download Free Cracked

Tiny Guardians 1.1.2 APK Download Free Cracked




LAST UPDATE: 20.08.2017

Tiny Guardians apk download break the rules of the tower defences to create a unique formula, taking ideas borrowed from the genre to generate an RPG full of magic and dangerous monsters that need to be destroyed strategically.
In place to protect a base of an army, you walk on paths through forests. In the role of a wizard with powerful cards, the protagonist can invoke powerful Warriors to help in the mission.
The girl is Lunari, who decided to leave in search of his master. The teacher disappeared mysteriously, and it is up to the character find out what happened, following a path full of dangers.
Each phase brings two game modes in three different difficulties. Both the story mode as the challenge can be played at easy, medium and hard, depending on your choice.
Play in “Challenge Mode” allows you to earn additional stars: they are used in the tree of abilities available in Tiny Guardians, which improves certain aspects of class and even among Lunari attributes.
At first, you have three slots that can be populated with other heroes who come from magic cards. The number of slots increases with time. The initial classes are archers and soldiers, but over time, new characters, such as mages and rogues, are unlocked — in total, there are 12 classes.
To use the invocation, you need to spend your mana bar. The number is pre-determined before the battles and increases if you collect special items that spread by the scenario, as blue bottles.
The part of strategy lies in the positioning of your units: anyone who attacks by far step back, which (as the archers) – otherwise, the character starts attacking improperly, causing little damage and truncating the fight.
On the other hand, who leaves for the combat must have an approximate drive of enemies to get maximize the attacks.
The hordes of opponents appear gradually, but they don’t expect you to eliminate all wolves and bandits who appear along the way: in a subversion of the tower defences, the villains are still approaching you to enter the damn fight.
In addition to support the cards that invoke helpers, you also have abilities such as healing, traps and balls of energy that cause damage. They have cooldown, IE, take time to regenerate and be used again. Download Tiny Guardians 1.1.2 APK right below!


Tiny Guardians 1.1.2 apk


Tiny Guardians APK Features

Beautiful graphics
Great sound effects
Variety of classes
Just Works for Android
 Updated Link
 No Vírus
No Password
 You will need Internet Connection



Tiny Guardians apk mod


Tiny Guardians download apk is a game that exudes magic: from aesthetics to mechanics, the work done and shows very dedicated. There is a very clear to take the plot of Lunari, a little girl who is learning to be maga and need to find your master, to a special place.
The title uses typical mechanical tower defences to create its gameplay. Heroin can invoke heroes who help during the fighting, and passes through the sets walking through a path full of challenges.
The formula might work out very nice: the strategy required to place their characters in the exact locations not limited to choose correct slots. You also need to divert carpet thrown by chiefs, for example.
The operation is very similar to that of a desktop game, as if you clicked in specific parts of the scenario. The difference is that everything is controlled by your fingers, intuitive way, and with many tutorials explaining the step by step.
In addition to having a good presentation, the charismatic “cartoony” graphics and remain with the same quality during the entire game — that is, the visual does not change dramatically from 1 hour to the other, being pretty consistent and full of quality.
The soundtrack also helps the adventure, getting more exciting or tense at times dangerous and having a lighter mood when they face less challenging opponents. The sounds definitely boost Lunari journey.
A low is the narration of the story: little is said about the master who disappeared, just an introduction in comic book format. That way we could have a better way of knowing the plot of the protagonist if a cutscene was used. Tiny Guardians APK mod just on this website and link below!


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